Flower Power

flowersLike pretty much every expat, I like the small boutique aspect of Paris. I love the pride that independent shopkeepers show for their spaces, hosing down the street in front every day, tending to their windows displays, and the care they out into even the smallest order.

The downside to this is pricing that varies so widely that you have to become an expert to know whether you’re getting gouged or not.

Case in point: this bouquet of peonies ran me 35 euros. In a middle class neighborhood, nothing overly swishy. The day after I ponied up for the bunch, I saw, in the 6th arrondissement (which often is way more expensive than the 18th), the same amount for 20 euros.

Now, especially when buying blooms for others, I am temped to simply send flowers online! In the US I often rail against the mainstream and mass produced. In France you get a taste of the undeniable benefit of competition keeping prices more or less aligned.

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