France’s Online Lag

Perhaps it is not altogether a bad thing that the French, in general, are not very branché Internet. It may be because they are close to their families and friends, don’t generally move far away from them, and prefer to do things in warmer ways, in person.

But it’s true that compared to Americans of the same age, French people and companies tend to be behind the times. Older people (i.e. the ones running the country) still scarcely know how to use the internet, which in France is called Internet, as if it were a person. I overheard a woman complaining that everyone sent her Youtube links but she doesn’t want to open a Youtube account.

A couple of years ago I did a post called “Why do French websites all suck?” Not much has changed since then. French websites still have Enter pages, always use Flash animation (for lo, it is written!), and horribly often hit you with loud unexpected music as the page opens. Pages still take too long to load, and navigation is still the very last priority.

Orange. The little window advertises their search engine: "Faster to the essential things!" As you can see.


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