Free: Food Dictionary Download!

Passé simple? No problem. Irregular verbs? Bring ’em on. But when it comes to French words on restaurant menus, I’m forever. Have you, too, settled for the steak frites because you had no clue what aïgo bouido, gargouillau and macaire mean? Well, we’re finally in luck. The new Kindle e-book A French Dictionary of Food & Drink enriches your vocabulary—and gastronomic pleasures. This book goes on sale April 1, but author P.J. Taylor has kindly offered readers of The Paris Blog a FREE download now through Sunday March 2. (What a good oeuf he is.) Here’s the US link, and here’s the UK link. Bon appétit, and merci, P.J.!

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  1. Comment by CBRetriever | 02/27/14 at 8:00 am

    Thank you so very much for posting this – I know the names of foot items, but not the names of many dishes

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