FREE: Versailles Survival Guide

Louis XIV’s spectacular domain was the summit of French power, art, and culture. If you’re going to do Versailles at all, do it right, and do it with as little stress as possible. Most people will only remember stifling crowds, long lines for everything, overpaying, and leaving with the sense that not only did they not even see the best parts (they probably didn’t), but that they wasted a day and have nothing to show for it but photos of the tops of people’s heads, a lighter wallet, and very sore feet.

Secrets of Paris organizes private tours of Versailles that make our guests feel like royalty, but for those who would rather try it on their own, this mini-guide offers our best tips on getting the most out of your visit — researched, tested and approved by our own guides. And through April 30th we’re offering this guide to all Secrets of Paris Newsletter subscribers to kick off the “2013 Année Le Nôtre” in style!


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