Free Visit to the Notre Dame Crypt

It’s Archeological Days in France this weekend (June 8 and 9). What that means to you? Free entrance to peep the creepy innards below Notre Dame. Once you attend you’ll be able to tell your own “Tales from the Crypt.”

One Response to “Free Visit to the Notre Dame Crypt”

  1. Comment by Anna S | 06/07/13 at 11:40 am

    During my early visits to Paris about two years ago, when I visited the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, I also happened to see this archaeological crypt of Notre Dame which was basically built to support and protect the a range of historical ruins, discovered during construction work. It has large exhibits of detailed models of the architecture of different periods, and how they can be viewed within the ruins. The main feature still visible is the under-floor heating installed during the Roman occupation. It Says a lot about European architecture and their love for culture and tradition. If you are a tourist in Paris and have some free time to explore the city, this website can come handy with eat outs and other places. I use this at times when I am traveling to new places.

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