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paris bridges bookBridges of Paris arrived about a week ago and I was very impressed. Not only is it a comprehensive photo book with over 350 photos featuring 37 bridges, it is also a rich and fascinating history lesson. One interesting tidbit is the Passerelle Debilly bridge built in 1900 was the setting for real-life tale of espionage when a secret agent from East Germany was killed in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was discovered afterwards the bridge was a popular meeting spot for East German spies during the Cold War.

bridge and eiffel towerThe author and photographer of the Bridges of Paris, Michael Saint James, has traveled much of the world and in 2013 visited Paris. The bridges of Paris inspired him to live here for a year, recording as much as he could about them. This intense pursuit sprawls across the 275-page book.

The book is divided into four chapters: Island Bridges, Palace Bridges, Downstream Bridges, and Upstream Bridges. Each bridge includes the year it was built and the dimensions along with a one-page history.

Not only does Saint James capture the wonderful architectural details, he also makes the bridges come alive in a different way with his portraits of people doing various activities.


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