Grave Trawlers

jim-morrison-grave-pere-lachaisePlanning on visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery? Looking for Jim? Need a guide? Whether you do or not, they’ll find you. Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the number of characters hanging out in the cemetery waiting to pester unsuspecting tourists — or just anyone who looks like they’re lost, which is usually 99% of the people walking through the maze of sarcophagi. Like the dodgy guys standing around the airport asking if you need a taxi, these people want to be your tour guide. And so many of them have claimed to be “official cemetery guides” that there is now a message on City Hall’s website announcing that there are no such thing as official cemetery guides, and that tourists should ignore anyone who approaches them selling tours généralement de piètre qualité (generally of mediocre quality). Any half-decent guide is busy enough by now that they don’t need to creep around in cemeteries trawling for clients. Like the illegal taxi drivers bothering people in the airport, it’s best to just walk on by.


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  1. Comment by Sara | 05/14/14 at 3:46 pm

    Oh, ha! I used to live in the 11th and I’d go to Pere Lachaise quite a bit. I never saw anyone hustle there (there seemed to be a lot of guards on site) but it was fantastic people-watching. It was interesting to see someone approach you and try to guess by their appearance which grave they were looking for.

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