The Greening of Paris

tree growth in ParisMany sick old trees around Paris were cut down over the summer, their trunks dug up and fresh soil laid down to prepare for the fall plantings. Fences such as this keep people out of the dirt. But in the mean time, with all of the rain and sunshine we had in August they sprouted a ton of weeds, wild flowers and stinging nettles (which actually make a nice tea if you know how to harvest them without getting stung). Despite some whining to the contrary, Paris is getting greener every year, with new gardens opening all of the time. The Jardin des Rosiers just opened this summer on the street of the same name, with a small grassy area for kids, a community garden and even a restored section of the 13th-century city wall. Paris also just planted the Forêt Linéaire, its first “forest” of 3000 trees (and over 12,000 plants) in a green belt along the northeastern edge of the city between Porte de la Villette et la Porte de la Chapelle.


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