Haiku Suite

The Paris Blog has been a little quiet these past few days because I have been busy with the sale on an apartment. Here’s how it went.

“You have paid too much,”
friends said…
until I flipped it

Prospective Buyer
We want to see it again
And we’ll ask eight times

Your brand new washing machine
is worth
seventeen euros

“Bilingual” Realtor
It sold.
Translations will cost extra.

“Bilingual” Realtor Part Deux
“How much tax is due?”
I ask.
“We don’t really know.”

I give them bank deets.
“No, no,”
they say, “Faux un RIB.”

We do all virtually
Sauf cancellations

Mark all the counter numbers.
Then come here and wait.
Don’t call.

One Response to “Haiku Suite”

  1. Comment by athena | 02/04/11 at 1:36 am

    I know how you feel… I just finished a month-long search and rental of an apartment. The same process back in the States took me three days and a lot less pulling out my hair.

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