Hair Apparent

linda morand1Hair. That is what is most different about the appearance of Parisians and Americans. The African women do serious weaves, often in koo-koo colors (think: weave salons near Strasbourg St. Denis metro station), while American black women go for more natural looking fake hair . Or just natural hair. As for white women, you will not see that cheese-ball Farrah look on a French woman. Nor its modern-day version, the long soft curls that look fake from a mile away. I call it the “actress coif.” What you do see on white women in Paris–and which I LOVE–is natural gray hair in super chic cuts. Seen here is model Linda Morand, who may not be a Parisienne, but certainly embodies the look I’m discussing. J’adore!

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  1. Comment by Barbara Brooks | 06/30/14 at 5:01 am

    Oui! Hair does seem more natural in Paris!No bleach or highlights!

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