Hand-Pulled Noodles

hand pulled noodleFrance 2’s investigative documentary program, Envoyé Spécial, highlighted, in a 2004 documentary, the poor and downright disgusting hygiene and food storage in some of Paris’ Asian restaurants. The program has been re-shown on France 2 and there has been a huge commotion surrounding the whole affair.
Many Parisians have been put off the idea of eating in in Japanese and Chinese restaurants. And what a shame that is, because a well chosen Chinese restaurant can be a delightful experience, leaving your appetite satisfied in a way that no Magret de Canard could replace and still leaving you with change from 10E.
chinese_noodlesFinding a good Chinese is less of a struggle if you’re passing through the 3rd arrondissement though. Torwards Arts and Metires Metro station, on rue Beaubourg, there is a small Chinese Noodle restaurant serving up freshly made noodles and magical bowls of soup. They make noodles in the traditional Shanghai way, by swinging it around and stretching the dough into thinner and thinner strips. The chef stands in the restaurant window and can be seen by passers by swinging the noodles above his/her head and around the tiny kitchen area.

2 Responses to “Hand-Pulled Noodles”

  1. Comment by Franck | 07/30/10 at 10:16 pm

    Honestly, I think the article above is mistaken when it says that people got afraid of going to Japanese restaurants.
    This was true for the chinese ones but not the japanese ones.
    The reason is that japanese restaurants in paris always enjoyed a good reputation and also, a “label” exists telling people when a japanese restaurants is the “real thing”.
    If you go to the Opera district, you’ll see people waiting in line in front of these restaurants.
    Japanese food has become quite trendy here.


  2. Comment by ParisCityBreaks.net | 07/31/10 at 11:47 am

    I agree with Franck in a way, I’m not so sure Parisians are put off from eating Japanese or Chinese food, they’re still as popular as ever and I think the number of Chinese restaurants is actually increasing. You’re absolutely right though, it’s not difficult to find along the 3rd arrondissement at all.

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