Heavenly Cakes and Teas

ciel paris sponge cakeOne of my favorite indulgences right now is Ciel, a Japanese tea room that only has one kind of pastry: light and airy angel food cakes with cream filling in flavors like strawberry, yuzu, chocolate, matcha, Griotte cherry, vanilla, or black sesame. They are beautifully presented for eating at the small counter space or to go in a Japanese origami-style box you won’t want to throw out. You can also get three mini-sizes if you want to try a “flight” of them. Ciel serves Japanese teas with the cakes, as well as little sandwiches rolled like makis, and matcha ice cream. In the evening they serve Nikka whisky, cocktails, and savory finger foods. Word to the wise: Don’t eat the little white thing on the plate that looks like a mint, it’s a hand towel (they add hot water).

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