Heavenly Leftovers

Heaven is a delightful clothing and accessory shop in the Marais,  and the owner, the lovely and beautiful Lea-Anne Wallis designs and hand-makes all the garments. Twice a year Lea-Anne creates a collection using small remnants of fabric leftover from the prestigious designers like Agnes B., and Hermes, cleverly using the fabric to make some very original and chic pieces. She can usually only get a few yards of the fabric, so she will only make a few garments with the same fabric, therefore many of the pieces are limited editions. Her collections are inspired by films, music, and pop culture and she describes fall/winter 2011 as warm and wooly mixed with metallic and shimmery.

On any given day Lea-Anne, originally from England and living in Paris for over 20 years, is happily sewing away in her atelier in the back of the shop, always with a smile on her face. The atelier has shelves lined with oodles of fab fabrics, dozens of bright colored spools of thread, and an ironing board. Jean Christophe Peyrieux, her talented French husband is an interior designer and designs festive modern lamps and a line of subtle, fine jewelry using semi-precious stones, silver, and gold plate, both sold in the shop. The price for this handmade, original luxury? Surprisingly affordable, with dresses priced from 129 euros to 189 euros, skirts 89 to 109 euros, shirts and blouses 109 to 129 euros, coats 239 to 289 euros, and 159 euros for trousers. The jewelry ranges from 30 to 150 euros.


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