Henry Miller Festival

I found out Henry Miller was an author when I first saw a copy of his “Tropic of Cancer” on my father’s workbench in the garage. When I walked into dorothy’s gallery to buy concert tickets to Gabriela Arnon‘s concert, I found out Henry Miller was also a painter, artist and photographer.  Dorothy shows periodically hundreds of his works on loan to her from Miller’s son. This is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse into this other sphere of Henry Miller. It is all part of the “Henry Miller: Aller Retour.”This year, 2014, marks the eightieth anniversary of Tropic of Cancer’s publication.

Now through May 10, Henry Miller Festival events at dorothy’s gallery, American center for the arts, will be showing the paintings of Henry Miller, originals from 1949 and lithographs, signed and dated by Henry Miller. The gallery has an amazing stock of photographs, drawings and manuscripts covering Henry Miller’s life and loves lent by Mary Duncan.


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