Holiday Volunteering

I used to do a lot of volunteering in the US, but France’s darn red tape has made it almost impossible for me here. Pretty much every place you contact wants you to commit to the same day(s) every single month, and with my travel schedule, it just isn’t possible.

It was pure luck then today that I came across an ad for Les Petits Frères des Pauvres, an association that helps out low-income folks over 50 who are lonely and/or ill. They have a center not too far from our place, so we decided to sign up to help out with their Christmas holiday dinner.  They are still looking for other volunteers, so I wanted to post their contact info here.  (FYI, another option is bringing gifts to people who are not physically able to make it to the dinner, from 2-6pm on Dec 24th).

If you are around over the holidays and interested in helping out, you can call them at 01 45 48 34 46 Monday and Wednesdays from 2:30-6pm or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-12:30 for more information.


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