Hopscotch…or Ad?

guerillestreetadvertisingparisblogWhen I saw this hopscotch (la marelle in French) at first, I thought some kids had drawn it on the sidewalk. But when I looked closer I realized that it was an advertisement! The usual earth/sky is replaced with Paris/Cannes and there is a web address on the side of it. I managed to decipher it (teamdacr.com), but it leads to a forbidden site, so I’ll never know what they¬†advertise (apparently¬†a team of designers and writers, but it’s unclear).

One Response to “Hopscotch…or Ad?”

  1. Comment by Duncan Leung | 04/01/10 at 5:29 am

    That’s such an awesome grab- I love seeing images like this, of the creative ways that people implement advertising.

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