House of 3 Teas

There are many gourmet tea shops and tea rooms in Paris, from Mariage Frères and Damman Frères to Palais des Thés and Kusmi. But for those seeking authentic Chinese teas, there’s an address in the Mouffetard district worth visiting. La Maison des Trois Thés (1 rue St-Médard, 75005, M° Place Monge) doesn’t have any flashy ads. There are no hipsters hanging out in the tearoom. There are no cakes, cookies, or – mon dieu! – “flavored” teas. Just a beautiful, peaceful, traditional Chinese tea shop with a tables for degustation of their selection of over 800 teas – green, white, black, red – which they grow and harvest themselves, no middle men. Many are rare, all are high-end (prices start at about €18 for 100g and go much, much higher), more suited for tea aficionados than amateurs (unless you don’t mind making a total dork out of yourself like I did when I couldn’t tell the difference between the ten different green teas they kindly opened for me to smell). A rare place of quiet in Paris for an afternoon cup of tea behind the large plate-glass windows. Buzz to be let in.


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