How to Hail a Taxi in Paris

Guest Post by Vincenzo Castrogiovanni

Small TL 1Paris is one of the most popular and highly visited tourist destinations in the world due to its various tourist attractions like Disneyland, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and numerous others.

There are many different transportation options while you are visiting Paris. One of the most suitable way, if you are new to Paris, is to hail a taxi for visiting different places. It is easier to get a taxi cab then to wait for the metro bus or local transportation and map out your route.
Hailing a taxi cab in Paris is similar to getting a Taxi in any other part of the world. But it will be much more frustrating because either each taxi that passes by will be already taken or it will not stop for you even if it’s not taken. Why is this so? There can be different reasons for that.

Firstly, throughout Paris official taxi stands are located which are at times called ‘taxi ranks’. If the nearest taxi stand is located within the 50 meters of radius where you are standing, then the taxi driver will not be allowed legally to stop for you. Secondly, the driver might not stop by himself as a matter of inconvenience because you might be with a large group with lots of luggage. On weekends, it is often quite hard to find a taxi due to a crowd of visitors moving from one place to another.

Taxi Leader TPBSince it is quite a headache and time wasting to practice to find a cab in the streets or at taxi stands, the best option is to call a taxi company to get around the city. By booking a taxi with, you can get an instant access to the licensed taxi from the time you arrive at the Paris airport. provides you with a wide range of taxi options for booking. You can book a choice of your car such as sedan car, limousine or minibus according to your tour requirements. You can tell your route to the company and they will arrange it accordingly.
You can book a Paris Airport Taxi which will welcome you at the airport upon your arrival with a licensed and English-speaking driver displaying your name on a card. You will also be provided with the phone number of the driver in case you are unable to locate him at the airport.

Compared to other means of transportation, it is cheaper and more convenient way to do a complete tour of Paris. If you arrive at Charles de Gaulle, the company provides you with the exclusive taxi at that specific airport. You will know the cost of the journey in advance so you do not need to get into the frustrating hassle of negotiating on the cost of your trip.
You do not need to make an advance payment for the taxi hail. After you complete your trip, you can conveniently make the payment to the driver on the spot. With all these advantages, it is best to book your taxi prior your visit and have a worry free and enjoyable trip to Paris!

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