Is That You, Spring?

bird-in-parisEven though this morning was 28 °F and I am still wearing tights under my jeans every day, I am beginning to sense the signs of spring. The days are gradually growing longer again. Where in December it was dark by four-thirty, these days we have a full hour more of “sunlight.” Of course I use the term sunlight in jest, because we’ve not seen the sun proper-like in weeks. My body is pale, transparent like all the other no-sun-dwellers ’round here. But no matter because in a few short months I will be more than pleased to put the wool coat away for hibernation.
In the meantime I sleep with two blankets on my bed and still fight ferociously against the cold morning hours. It helps to hear the sound of birds returning to their roosts. At first I thought that it was my alarm clock malfunctioning, but no, it’s real live birds singing to the rising sun.

Then, on my way back from my grocery shopping yesterday I spotted this:

I couldn’t begin to tell you what type of bulb is budding from it’s little box on the window, but I was so happy to see it that I ran to get my camera just to make sure I didn’t lose the moment.

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