It’s Nuts!

If anything, shopping in Paris offers way too many options. But I’ve had few discoveries more delightful than La Pistacherie. This boutique—I should say boutiques, since there are three—is usually described as either a delicatessen or sweetshop. But it’s something more unique: an upscale shop for gourmet fruit and nut lovers.

Don’t let that put you off. As its name suggests, La Pistacherie is full of pistachios. It offers these (plus almost every nut you can name) in an intriguing and ingenious style. But just as important is its amazing mise-en-scène; all three La Pistacherie shops look like apothecaries of the Belle Epoque. Their color scheme of gold, chocolate and pale fern green is part and parcel of a perfect retro interior. Products are displayed in glass jars, on elegant shelves or behind stylish vitrines. The friendly servers are in uniform and the packaging chic.

Most enjoyable of all are the inventive treats, which are priced by the gram (roughly a quarter pound). Here, of course, the pistachio rules. It is available raw, in a selection of mixtures, smoked, covered in chocolate or sugarcoated and wrapped in paper like a candy. Pistachio is also one flavor of the establishment’s mochi: round Japanese ice creams encased by rice-flour pastry. These mochi glaces are a hit with Japanese Parisians, who love the delicate way they are served in the shop. (Each colorful round is cut into four pieces, then presented on a tiny bamboo tray.)


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  1. Comment by Bill Scott | 09/17/12 at 3:50 pm

    Re. “Most enjoyable of all are the inventive treats, which are priced by the gram (roughly a quarter pound).” There are about 28 grams to an ounce, so a gram isn’t even a quarter ounce.

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