Julie & Julia & My Confiserie

confiserieThe shops on rue Caulaincourt, a street that snakes from the 9th arrondissement to one of the toniest sections of 18th, houses some of the most charming owner-run shops in the city. Between La Cave Caulaincourt, which features the obscure Delahaie champagnes (the best value on bubbly, IMHO), and Par Ici Les Fromages, the  cheese shop that hums like a lab and presents the goods as if they were jewelry, rue Caulaincourt is Hollywood’s version of Paris. No surprise, then, that the makers of the movie Julie & Julia, chose one of the oldest confiseries on the street as a location for two of Meryl Streep’s scenes. meryl-streepI popped in today to tell the woman behind the counter how excited I was to see the exterior featured in the film. “Oh?” she said, blasé as hell. “Yes!” I squealed. “In two different scenes!” The woman shrugged. She hadn’t seen the film and didn’t seem curious about any details. “And it’s a great movie!” I added. “Good to know,” she said, turning her attention to the next patron. 

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