Kickstarting a Sexy Guide

naughtyparis_coverSecrets of Paris blogger Heather Stimmler Hall launched a crowdfunding effort recently to finance the printing cost of the beautiful four-color second edition of her insider Paris guidebook, Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City. The book will be released in December.

Intrigued by her use of crowdfunding – and a longtime fan – I asked Heather to tell us about the venture.

Laurel Zuckerman: Why a Kickstarter Campaign? (As opposed to Indiegogo, Bookslush or the others)

Heather Stimmler-HallHeather Stimmler Hall: I’m doing this campaign with the Naughty Guides photographer Kirsten Loop. We prefer Kickstarter because it still gets more traffic than any other crowdfunding site, and being able to reach as many NEW readers as possible was part of the reason we wanted to crowdfund the book in the first place.

We’re raising the funds to make the last payment to the printer. Unlike the first edition printed and shipped from China, this time we used a family-owned, green certified printer here in France; to try and bring down the expensive per-unit price we’re having 4000 printed at once, which is a lot of books, and quite a big upfront expense for an indie publisher. But we hope our commitment to quality and sustainable publishing practices will resonate with the public.


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