Kiss Off

This anti-gay backlash in France mystifies me. The US looks more tolerant than France on this issue, which is rare. The latest: Movie posters for L’Inconnu du Lac have been taken down after bigots protested its image. The a-holes contacted JCDecaux, which rents out the billboards across the region, and the company caved. This is according to the news website Rue89.

This happened in St. Cloud and Versailles, enclaves just outside Paris. Decaux does not appear to have a problem with completely nude women in billboards, which we have all seen.

In response to the censorship, a kiss-in is being planned by the LGBT community. It takes place tomorrow in front of the St. Cloud town hall at 7:5 pm.

Pucker up, people–your country needs you!

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  1. Comment by Dianna | 06/12/13 at 8:03 pm

    It is shocking. I am surprised at times how conservative French is in certain matters. When we moved here six years ago, the bank wasn’t able to put both of our names on the check ( I kept my name when we got married). It was M. et Mme… In the land of de Beauvoir? Vraiment?

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