Learning French by Mastering Your Coffee Order

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Ordering a coffee in France and more specifically in Paris can be seen as a difficult task. Even if you were to take the time to search out the answer on Google, you would see endless results on the proper way to get that perfect caffeinated treat (seriously, give it a try). If you enter a Parisian coffee house hoping to order a coffee, do you ask for un café au lait? Un café crème? Or simply café? The subtle differences between these terms will result in three different beverages, and the answer can’t be found in your French language textbook. While most French language courses begin and end in the classroom, this simple example can be used to argue that the most effective method of learning French is through total language immersion. More specifically, by interacting with locals that know it best.

education first logoRather than taking a guided museum tour, take a trip to Montmartre corner and learn French in Paris by conversing with local street artists, they won’t bite! Or consider skipping your trip to Disney Paris and getting your creative juices flowing by visiting Montparnasse on the Left Bank. Once seen as a bohemian refuge for artists such as Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, the Left Bank or “Rive Gauge” offers plenty of opportunity to practice French in an authentic setting. While one cannot deny the advantages of learning French under the guidance of trained professional, it is also important to use these skills in an outside setting, and what better setting than the City of Lights?

Learn French in France with EF and maybe, just maybe, you’ll figure out how to order coffee like a true Parisian. Education First takes pride in finding the perfect balance between intensive teacher-lead classroom learning and the use of cultural excursions in order to help students learn French and become fluent as quickly and efficiently as possible. The EF Paris language school is located in the lively area of les Grands Boulevards, and its historic surroundings are a stark contrast from the modern facilities found inside. With extracurricular activities such as trips to the aforementioned Montmartre corner, and an introduction to the game of petanque, EF understands that not all learning happens inside of the classroom.

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