Legendary Lingerie in Paris

There are a few things you will quickly notice about Paris:  a boulangerie on just about every block, a pharmacy on every other block, and upscale lingerie boutiques displaying their seductive wares as commonly as a baguette. Unlike Victoria’s Secret, which appeals as strongly to men clientele as women, the lingerie boutiques are decidedly for women. Indeed, men rarely step into these boutiques, and are usually shoved out the door given they simply have no clue what to buy. And while Valentine’s Day may create some churn in business, let’s face it — these shops are busy all year round.

Of course, for Parisians, it is the art of seduction, more than anything else, that is the primary game to be played. Everything else is secondary. Some boutiques stand out, though it takes little effort to find high quality and beautiful lingerie in just about any lingerie shop in Paris. Like baguettes or patisserie, Parisians simply won’t accept anything less.  A few top boutiques include:

Aubade High-quality, sexy lingerie, Aubade focuses on the “lessons in seduction.” Its lingerie is stunningly beautiful and its “lessons in seduction” don’t need to go much farther than wearing it.

Chantal Thomass (pictured) Without question the pre-eminent lingerie boutique in Paris, if not the world. High fashion and high spending is required — and if you don’t come appropriately dressed in smart clothing don’t even bother to show up. Ridiculously sexy, if you wear the lingerie for a purpose the sad thing is you won’t be wearing it that long.

Chantelle. Chantelle is the top brand among a collection of expressively sexy brands, including Darjeeling, Orcanta and Passionata. 


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