Live Action Fashion, Open to the Public

gaultier freak show 1It’s the feel-good event in Paris this fall: Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show.

The autobiographical live extravaganza is a labor of love by the bad boy of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier. He took over four years to develop the show and is the creator, director, set designer and, bien sur, costume designer.

The opening video takes place in an operating room, where a teddy bear has a serious surgery: A seven-year-old Gaultier deconstructs his beloved toy and sews a bra with cone cups on to it. A fashion designer is born!

gaultier freak show 3A few moments later, circa 1962, shows Gaultier swept away by a television broadcast of the Follies Bergere, as he dreams to one day be part of the show. He finally comes full circle to realize his dream.

gaultier freak show 2The rest of show, mostly through recorded music and some live vocals, video, and energetic choreography by extremely talented dancers, illustrates Gaultier’s career and personal life including his rise to fashion fame with its ups and downs, good and bad press, the love of his life, dealing with AIDS, plastic surgery, and working with celebrities such as Madonna and Catherine Deneuve (who is in one of the videos).

Through December 30 at Follies Bergere, 32 rue Richer, 75009


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