Locally Sourced Streetwear

Freshly opened boutique Isakin, tucked away on a Montmartre street shared with the APC surplus store, is the brainchild of two superfly ex-record label execs, Alex and Thomas. Counting the likes of French rap star Oxmo Puccino among their friends, the skateboarding, hip-hop-loving duo have drawn on their marketing and art direction expertise – as well as their solid network – to create this small gem of a shop, stocking a range of young labels mostly from France – many even from the 18th arrondissement itself. On the racks are cork-lined caps from up-and-coming brand CHMPGN – its name a vowel-less homage to the fizzy wine region in which it was founded; threads from Paris label Poyz and Pirlz, set up by a collective of hip-hop DJs; cheeky tees and caps from local label EyexCon (many of which are emblazoned with the word crapule, meaning scoundrel); and sweatshirts from neighbouring designers Paris Nord.

9 rue André del Sarte, 75018


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