Lost and Found

The French police department has been collecting objects for over two hundred years. Every day the objets trouvés (lost and found) receives between 600 and 700 articles. The articles come from Parisian streets, public transportation (except for SNCF!), airports, taxis and all public places. About 150 articles find their owners each day.

Since December 22, 2011, 11 euros is required, payable either in cash or by French bank check, to retrieve your item from the main office of lost and found. This fee is a droit de garde (caretaker fee). For objects of value over 762 euros, a fee of 3% is charged. There is no charge to retrieve your French ID, driver license or other official French document.

Objects with an approximate value up to 100 euros are held for three months. Articles with an estimated value over 100 euros are held for one year.


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