Midnight in Paris: That Dress!

Now that a company website is de rigueur for a fashion business, everyone has one—and sometimes designers wonder if anyone is reading their around-the-studio posts.

Nathalie Seaver, a half-French fashion designer who owns an eponymous boutique for ready-to-wear and gifts in Los Angeles, found out last week just how powerful such a platform can be. After having seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, she mentioned on her site that someday she’d create her own version of a white-and-red dress worn by Marion Cotillard in the Oscar-winning film.

“It managed to be flirty and pretty in such a clean and unfussy way, and also look incredibly comfortable,” says Seaver. “I realized that I needed something like that in my own wardrobe.” Women in New York, Colorado, and Washington State—among other places—emailed Seaver to say that they needed it, too. They asked her when the dress would be available. There was nothing left to do but, um, make the thing.

Instead of sewing on red beads, which were used on costume designer Sonia Grande’s original, Seaver meticulously hand-painted dots on the pocket flaps and sleeves of dresses in rayon crepe ($428) and silk chiffon ($598). The painted dots give the dress a sportier twist, and made it more affordable than a beaded version.

It makes sense this this is the designer to make a dress inspired by the movie. Seaver’s mom, who is French, will receive the Legion d’Honneur in New York next week, and her American father, the late Richard Seaver, was among the most illustrious Paris expat editors in the 1950s. His memoir, The Tender Hour of Twilight, was recently published to great acclaim.

3 Responses to “Midnight in Paris: That Dress!”

  1. Comment by SarahInParis | 03/27/12 at 3:14 am

    Goodness that dress is stunning and what a fabulous idea to create your very own version of the dress. After all that film (and the dress) is set to be a french classic!

  2. Comment by Leanne | 03/28/12 at 4:29 am

    When I saw the dress in the movie, I thought that must be very comfortable. Genius idea to DIY the dress, too. If you can’t buy it, make it!

  3. Comment by Gloria | 08/06/12 at 1:06 pm

    Can I order the dress?

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