Money Machines in Shops

There are a few new things you might notice on your next trip to France. Many small shops like bakeries have begun using special automated change machines (les monnayeurs, en français) where the client inserts the cash payment and gets change without the staff ever having to touch your money. These were originally adopted to prevent armed robberies (they can’t be opened by the staff, only management), they’re also quite handy because they give correct change, allow food handlers to keep their hands clean, and prevent staff from skimming the till. More recently, certain Franprix supermarkets now participate in L’Arrondi, or “Round Up for Charity”. If you see the little blue sign at the register you can request the Arrondi, where the amount on the register will be rounded up to the next whole euro and the difference given to participating charities (at the moment they include the French Red Cross and Secours Populaire Français).


2 Responses to “Money Machines in Shops”

  1. Comment by Carole Hinden | 02/05/14 at 2:51 pm

    my bakery has had one for more than 5 years….says she isn’t alone…..great insider info..breaking news and all….fabulous….

  2. Comment by Heather | 02/05/14 at 6:22 pm

    Hello Carole, I’m sure I know which bakery you’re talking about. The machines themselves are not new. What is new is that they are now becoming a common sight in Paris (and no, I didn’t just make that up; the “boom” in sales of the machines to small commerçants in the past few months was reported in the French press in January (thus the link to the France Info website in my article). And the fact that I visited over 300 pastry shops and bakeries in Paris for the Paris Pastry Guide over the past two years and only saw one of the machines makes me think I’m not the only one who would be unfamiliar with them. Thanks for reading, and for your thoughtful comment.

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