comptoir des abbayesI found a fantastic boutique that sells products made by monks all over France. Le Comptoir des Abbayes regroups products from small workshops, farms and ateliers of the hundreds of monasteries scattered all over the countryside. These abbeys, places where monks seclude themselves to practice their religion and to pray, also are places of production of high quality goods that are wholesome and healthy for us and the Earth. You can find anything from hand made candles, to wines and spirits, to jams and fruit conserves to honey, hams and even soaps.

But this boutique doesn’t just sell items, they also serve them. And for a handful of euros you can get yourself plate of sausages or cheese or more if you are hungry. From noon to 2:30pm Monday through Friday, you can have lunch for less here; à la carte or a menu at 10 euros–or 16 euros if you have a huge appetite. See more details here. comptoir des abbayes parisThey also offer an afternoon snack (le goûter) to-go, tea or coffee sur place, and an apéritif in the early evening! And those overpriced Paris habits are not practiced here. So enjoy and feel spoiled for once.

Sweet treats, savories, natural beauty products, beverages of all sorts, canned vegetables and fruits, jams and confits, honeys and more… This is a place to find truly French made products that are not from giant industrial productions. There is hope for the Made in France!


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