Monoprix Moonshine

A reader marvels at the range of vintages available at your local Monoprix store:

The wine was conveniently shelved opposite the cold meats. Following universal supermarket principles, the lower the price, the lower the shelf, and at the bottom was a perfectly tolerable Bordeaux for €2.90. But on the top shelf… on the top shelf….

There is Chateau Figeac 1998, €186 a bottle. Leoville Las Cases 1994, €219 – on the shelf of a supermarket. Even Chateau d’Yquem 1995, €270. Opposite the cold meats.

Surely this is taking egalité too far. In wine, as in all things, there are those who spend a little (CJ) and those who spend a lot. But in appealing equally to all purchasers of, say, sardines, a supermarket can offer both the basic and the very best, within perhaps double or treble the basic price. There is, I suggest, no other comestible in which the price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive on the shelf is a multiple of 100.

Call me whatever, but I simply don’t expect to trolley a wine costing £200. If, if I am ever spending that kind of money on a bottle, I will go to Flunkey & Sons, where one of the Flunkeys will emerge from a cellar, cradling my purchase like a newborn. I want someone to talk me through the chateau and the vintage (confirming what I already know, of course…). I want a look of admiration (“Well-chosen, if I might say so, sir…”) and even a degree of envy that I am going to have the wondrous experience which this wine will offer (and which he, as a humble Flunkey, cannot afford).

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  1. Comment by popmilt | 06/06/11 at 6:18 pm

    Hi, anyone who purchases wine in a marche is taking a huge risk. 1) The wine probably has not been transported or stored in ideal conditions.2) In most of the marches I’ve visited ,the bottles are upright.Anyone who spends over 15 euros for a wine in a marche , doesn’nt realize the huge gamble , they are taking. When purchasing wine in a marche,one should stick to a 15 euro or under price, and select wines that are most popular.

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