Museum of Fun!

Blue Sky RioA new museum opened in Paris by the name of Art Ludique Musée, housed in the same building as the MoonRoof restaurant and the Mode et Design museum–you know, the big crazy green thing on the Quai D’Austerlitz. If you’ve not yet been there it’s a hotbed of happenings including Wanderlust and Nuba restaurant, cocktail and nightclubs.

Jeanne & Chris Wedge, whom I know from back home in New York, were attending a show in Chris’ honor at the Museum, a retrospective on his work at Blue Sky Studio–the only East Coast animation studio in the US. Despite the rainy week, we had Blue Sky in Paris. He’s an Academy Award-winning animation director and has directed such movies as Epic, Robots and the first of the five Ice Age movie. His studio has produced many more films. Some of the best animated work out there in the past 30 years was created Blue Sky Studios. The company that he created with a group of colleagues will turn 30 next year.

ludiqueHe says it all with art. And that’s the point of this show and in the museum in general, to let people in on the artwork and illustration as well as the hundreds of hours of conception work that is done to create great animated movies. As a lover of film but someone who knows absolutely nothing about animation, getting the headphones at the museum was critical.


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