My Own Nuit Blanche

nuitblancheparis2010This year the official action takes place around three hubs in Ile Saint Louis in the centre, Trocadero in the West, and Belleville in the North of Paris. In the Centre I’ll be walking under Erik Samakh’s magical cloud of ‘fireflies’ lighting up the night at the Hotel Dieu. In the West I’ll be queuing to see Italian Arte Povera artist Jannis Kounellis and Adam McEwen’s horse-based (yes I said ‘horse-based’) installation at the Palais de Tokyo. In Belleville I’ll be having my ‘real-time’ video portrait (Portraits temps réel) projected onto a screen by Rebecca Bournigault at the Zèbre de Belleville. The three areas are connected all night long by metro lines 9 and 14 and you can ride between venues for free. All the other lines in Paris will be open until 3am. But the action won’t be confined to these three areas: art and fun will be all over Paris from the upfront (how about a ‘political strip-tease’ starting on the avenue President Wilson at 7pm in which Arto Lindsay plans to orchestrate a parade of girls will take off t-shirts emblazoned with political slogans) to the subtle (Dominique Blais’ sound installation for travellers on Metro line 14).

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