Navigo vs. Decouverte


I was recharging my Navigo pass (formerly known as the Carte Orange) and was told the Navigo pass is being retired in exchange for the Decouverte card. (I am not seeing anything to this effect on the official SNCF sites, but France is still behind the times when it comes to that kind of thing). I forked over the 5 euro fee to have her make me a Decouverte card. With this card you are obligated to pay for all 5 zones of Paris transport–you cannot simply buy for Zone 1. The price is 22.50 euros–ultimately, not a bad price for all-you-can-ride travel in the city.

philippaThough it costs more than the old, single-zone Navigo card, this new one is a bargain is when it come to travel to and from Charles de Gaulle airport. No more paying 10-euros (plus) each time I go to the airport via RER (or meet a friend, which is such a civilized thing to do).

(And while the new cards fit easily into a wallet, like the Navigo pass, I still miss the larger and more exotic-looking analog Carte Orange metro passes, with a slot for a re-usable metro ticket–I cannot seem to find my own, but here’s one from Philippa Campsie, one of The Paris Blog’s contributors.)

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