Neurosis-Free “Fooding”

Often it’s a first-time visitor to France who observes something that a seasoned expat misses. A foodie friend of mine, when asked upon his return to the US how he enjoyed his first trip to France, responded that he loved the lack of obsessiveness the French have with food. The French love food, of course, and know how to raise it, grow it, harvest it, and prepare it to be eaten. What they don’t do, or at least not to the degree in the US, is obsess on a large scale over some “new” idea-such as farm-to-table cuisine or nose-to-tail use of an animal (both, in fact, standard practices in France)–until it devolves into a bourgeois neurosis. Food obsessions being trend-based, the “new” ideas are eventually rejected for the next big thing–luxury comfort food or food trucks or cupcakes. “The French simply do a lot of things very well and don’t go on all the time about it,” my friend explained. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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