A New Anthology

That's ParisWe talk with author Vicki Lesage about the making of the just-released anthology: That’s Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm in the City of Light.  
What brought you to Paris?
Newly single and fresh out of a job, I figured—as the French say—why not? So I booked a flight to Paris, planning to stay for just the summer. Ten years, one husband, and two kids later, I’m still here!
What gave you the idea for this project?
After submitting to a few anthologies I thought, “Hey, why not do my own anthology?” This was right around the time fellow author Adria J. Cimino and I started our boutique publishing house, Velvet Morning Press, so we decided to make it our first project. VMP’s goal is to discover new writing talent and launch their careers, and an anthology is a great way to find new talent!
The authors write about Paris—how do they know Paris? Do they live here? Are they from here? Have they visited?


The 24 authors in this collection are extremely varied: American, French, Canadian, and British. Some live in France currently, some previously lived in Paris for a summer or a study abroad trip. Some are native Parisians, some have only been here on vacation. And some have never set foot on French soil! We think this gives the book a wide variety of perspectives so that no two stories are alike.
What types of stories does this collection include?
We have fiction and non-fiction. Stories about love and heartbreak, loss and hope. Sarcastic takes on Parisian life, glowing commentary on the wonders of the City of Light. Lessons learned, dreams dashed. Funny and dramatic. A little bit of everything!


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