New Japanese in the 9th

sushi2A brand new Japanese sushi restaurant has popped up in the Saint Georges neighborhood. On the corner of Rue Clauzel and rue Henri Monnier in the 9th arrondissement, one day, it appeared. Monday the 11th of October to be precise. They did a quick and lovely remodeling of the previous establishment and have created a tastefully decorated sushi café for this bobo neighborhood to flock to. sushi3It’s next to a place that is full of eclectic cafés for all different sorts of worldly tastes and  so it’s no small surprise to see the Asian flavor added to the palette. It’s great if you are looking for something a little better than the regular “traiteur” that you can find selling fast oriental fare of all sorts heated up in a microwave. You can sit on the lower or upper level of the café, and relax in the soft decorum and lighting as you sip the welcome cocktail they bring you. frenchsushiSushi rolls are wrapped in seaweed, or springroll sushis with lettuce with rice crêpes on the outside, or salmon rolls which are wrapped in…salmon. There are omlette makis wrapped in a thin egg crêpe and “neige rolls” wrapped in rice. They also serve the traditional chirachi, tempura brochettes and a mixture a=of all of these on their menu options. I tried their printemps jaune rolls which are maki spring roll with shredded carrots, avocado, curry sauce and coconut! It was a surprising mixture of Indian and Asian flavors. Prices are medium. Taste is maximum!.

29, rue Clauzel, 75009, 01 45 26 08 96

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