No Escaping the Taxman!

tonton samThis is my third year working with Taxes for Expats, a service that specializes in preparing tax returns for U.S. expats. I’ve been happy with their services and accepted their offer again to process my taxes. Every U. S. expat living abroad must file a U.S. income tax form annually even if they have made no income in the U. S.

The process is fairly straightforward. I went to their website and filled out an initial form. I received an email from one of their tax consultants who would be handling my return with a brief outline on how the process worked. Once I filled in all the paper work, the turnaround time was fifteen days. Although it was a little complicated, the forms were very thorough. There were a few things I didn’t understand and asked the consultant to explain. She was prompt with her responses and explained things clearly. There were also a few things I learned that I didn’t know before, like the IRS requires that you (or your tax preparer) prepare your return according to the U.S. tax year, which means taking your tax statements from your host country for two years and extracting the appropriate information to then plugging it into your U.S. tax return and I have to keep up with all the tax legislation changes happening from one tax year to the next. I also learned there is a special form you have to fill out and send with your foreign bank account info.


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