Ode to Paris in February

parisblogseine riverFebruary is the best month ever in Paris. Why? Because I live on the beaten path of tourists in the center of the number one tourist destination in the world. In fact, the street I live on may as well be called BEATEN PATH and I guarantee if they opened a TGIF on it, it would THRIVE. Beginning in early spring, my neighborhood is descended upon by the 15.6 MILLION annual visitors per year (World Tourism Organization) and does not let up at ALL until January when my spirits rise as it fizzles out mid month. Then comes the month I have been waiting for all year. My precious, beautiful, adored month…FEBRUARY! I can walk along the Seine without meeting anyone and play pretend it’s olden times, like, before 1950….sometimes I try and pretend it’s WAY OLDEN TIMES and what shoes would I wear if it was like, 1700 something and would I smell bad? parisstatueblogAnd how would I be moisturizing? Could I drink the Seine then? Would I still be tall with teeth? Would I walk like THIS or like THAT…the possibilities are endless when no is around…The tourist boats are empty…I can walk the five minutes to the Louvre and enjoy the art minus the throngs of commentators…But mostly I like the low grey sky that rolls in and out like a never-ending ocean. It makes me feel dark, pensive and somewhat dangerous. Then the city belongs to me in my own pretend olden times way, with my own pretend dagger in my own pretend shawl as I pretend dance along a very real river.


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