Online Doc on Muslims of France

AlJazeera World, and English arm of the Al Jazeera news network, has produced a fascinating documentary called Muslims of France. “As issues of immigration and integration raise Europe’s political temperature, this 3-part series examines the history of Muslim immigration to France – a country where debate continues to rage over how to reconcile a long-standing tradition of secularism with religious diversity. Today, there are an estimated 5 million Muslims living in France. A century ago, they were referred to as “colonials.” During the 1960s, they were known as “immigrants.” Today, they are “citizens.” But how have the challenges facing each generation of immigrants changed? The third and final part of the series tells the stories of the young Muslims who grew up in France and entered adulthood at a time of economic crisis, massive unemployment and rampant social problems.” It’s one of the best documentaries in English I’ve ever watched on the topic.

Muslims of France: Part 1 – Colonials

Muslims of France: Part 2 – Immigrants

Muslims of France: Part 3 – Citizens


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  1. Comment by Elizabeth | 12/23/11 at 7:56 pm

    Thanks for the post. Funny typo in the headline though “Muslins”

  2. Comment by Laurie | 12/24/11 at 8:01 pm

    embarrassing! thanks for alerting me!!

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