Ossifying France

tousistsI am thrilled that Paris is holding its spot as the most-visited destination on Earth.

However. The refusal to modernize its social programs and economy in general is turning the entire country into one big museum. Have you ever gotten the feeling that France is increasingly becoming a vacation from the modern world instead of a participant in it? (Remember the Minitel, which predated the modern-day Internet?) Maybe it’s just the August doldrums, which slows French “efficiency” to a crawl, that makes me feel this way.

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  1. Sam
    Comment by Sam | 08/14/14 at 9:00 am

    It’s not just the August doldrums. It’s the strikes, the Sunday store closures, the “difficult” attitude of many retail employees, and the fact that some parts of Paris now seem to be occupied exclusively by tourists buying and immigrants selling various forms of made-in-China junk. Throw into the mix a President who seems to be clueless of the way to steer the country toward economic prosperity, and you have one big situation déprimante. But it’s still the most beautiful city in the world, there are still many, many charming neighborhoods left untouched by the tourists, Manuel Valles will win the 2017 Presidential election and lower taxes, and Gérard Depardieu will renounce his Russian citizenship and make a glorious return to France.

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