Paris Thrift Shops Exist!

Maybe it’s my fervent garage-sale-ing background, but I love junk shops: those cluttered, disorganized places guaranteed to make you sneeze from dust and hopefully give you a kitschy knick-knack to go home with for a couple of bucks. New York is full of them, but I never thought I’d find a junk store in Paris. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Interloque Ressourcerie.

Two pairs of next-door shops in the 18e arrondissement make up the Interloque collective. Dedicated to salvaging useable items from their partnered businesses and collecting bulk amounts of, well, junk from the residents of Paris, Interloque also educates city youth about minimizing waste and recycling. That’s cool and all, but really, I just like a good treasure dig.

The location on rue de Trétaigne is a true junk shop – all manner of used books, dishware, and clothes abound in the space. You’ll also find pulpy paperback French novels and hundreds of postcards from all over Europe (six for 1€).


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