Paris to Nice for 19 Euros!

The softer, subtler neighbor of Cannes, Nice is like if Venice and France had a baby and it lived beside the ocean. The old city is full of winding, narrow streets composed of colorful buildings, and the rest of the small city boasts a modern art museum, a beautiful park that overlooks the sea, a beach caressing the Mediterranean and the best pizza I’ve ever had in France. And right now TGV Europe will whisk you away to Nice for just 19€.

This hot deal is good for one-way tickets from Paris to Nice between 29 March and 13 June. I went there in May a few years ago and found the city to be crazy lovely and easy to enjoy with only a couple of days to spend there. Bonus tip: consider staying at Hotel Rex, an absolutely charming little hotel nestled into a private courtyard near Place Mássena. (It has far fewer angels decorating the place than the website would have you believe, I promise.) It’s tucked-away enough to silence the sounds of tourists, but close enough to the center of the city that you can walk to the beach, Vieux Nice and the museum of modern art. Rooms starting at 45€, it’s affordable too – and they don’t pay me to say that!


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