Paris’s Love Affair with James Bond

Skyfall has received rave reviews in the French capital. The movie is considered by many as one of the best James Bond movies ever.

The fact that some previous movies took place in Paris can explain this love story between James Bond and Parisians. A View to a Kill, the 14th James Bond of the series, released in 1985, features a glamourous Paris. In his quest for Max Zorin, the villain who plans on destroying the Silicon Valley, James Bond (played by Roger Moore) travels to Siberia, San Francisco and Paris–where he has dinner on the Eiffel Tower with a French detective. This scene is probably one of the most famous ones for Parisians, as James Bond jumps off the Eiffel Tower with a parachute. Though spectacular, the Parisian scenes also convey some sarcasm and are full of cliches about the Parisians: their accent, the 2CV Citroen car, accordion players. Some scenes also take place in the Chateau de Chantilly, a 19th century castle near the city.


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