Peas and Bacon Candy?

Petits pois au lard sounds a bit disgusting, but it’s just French for “peas and bacon.” Of course, if you see these in a candy store, they’re not actually peas and bacon, but old fashioned French candies with a slightly aniseed flavor. I was told these cute little candies were popular back in the early 20th century, and that they were originally created by a French canned vegetable company to try and get kids more interested in eating their veggies (and, er, pork products). I haven’t been able to find any hard facts about the origins, so if anyone has any info do please post it in the comments below. You can find these in any boutique that sells old-fashioned candies, such as Legrand Filles et Fils on Rue de la Banque or Le Bonbon au Palais on Rue Monge.

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  1. Comment by marco | 08/25/11 at 9:47 am

    Humm c’ est trè s bon :)

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