Plastic Not-So-Fantastic

plastic salmonLe Fooding is creeping northward, even reaching my neck of the woods behind Sacre Coeur. I tried out Jeanne B, one such place, and hoped for the best. Alas. My salmon in “papillote” turned out to be salmon “en plastique” though no mention of it was made on the menu. Neither did the server deem it necessary to tell me when I ordered. Whether the plastic was to blame or not, the salmon was unimpressive–as was my potage d’asperges starter. (The artisanal limonade was pretty good.) When the waiter asked if everything was OK, I told him the petroleum-based wrapping had been a bit of a surprise. Oh, but it’s edible plastic, he said. It’s made for this purpose. I left it on my plate. I now call the restaurant Jeanne Bogus or Jeanne Begone.

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