Playing Foot with Hands


paris_soccerDoing a little Métro reading this morning (over someone else’s shoulder), I spied this headline: Sea, Foot and Sun: Miami est la paradise des footballeurs.  Now, I know the French love using, not only English words in all things hip, but also full-on English sentences.  The trouble I’m having, however, is this word “foot”.

“Foot” in French means football, or soccer in American English.  It’s not a French word at all, but an English word turned French.  The kids I nanny for often ask me if we can Jouer au foot, or play soccer with the balloon in the hallway.  Sometimes they change the rules up a bit and ask if we can Jouer au foot au main, or play hand soccer.  I tried to explain to them how silly this sounds to me – playing foot with hands.  They giggled a bit, but the true absurdity is lost on them.

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