Poking Fun at Parisians

You could say that Daumier was what we would consider a lifestyle/humorist blogger today. Each of his drawings (there are dozens and dozens of them at “Les Parisiens de Daumier” at Galerie du Crédit Municipal de Paris through March 4) mocked, exaggerated or poked fun at a certain type of Parisian, in different situations of social life back 150-200 years ago.

Daumier (1808-1879) was an artist that changed the public opinion of humorist sketches and socio-political satire. He drew more than 4000 lithographs in his career, in addition to paintings, sculptures, engravings etc. Baudelaire said of him : he is ” one of the most important men, not only as a caricature artist, but also for modern art”. His works offer an immense insight into social and political life two centuries ago. This expo reminded me of how important it is to understand where society has been, in order to steer it towards healthier paths. This is the role of artists and creators.


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