Quick! To the Grand Palais!

Good news: There’s an amazing, must -see video installation at the Grand Palais.

Bad news: It closes on December 31 at 9PM.

“Dans la Nuit, des Images” fills the cavernous museum with 130 screens of videos and films from international artists and filmmakers including Robert Wilson, Bill Viola, Chris Marker, Rosemary Trockel, Christian Marclay, legendary animators Hannah and Barbera (creators of “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons”), Nam Juin Pak, and the world’s oldest working filmmaker: Manoel de Oliveira, who just turned 100.

Highlights are the 1956 William Klein short film “Broadway by Light,” a romantic reminder of what Times Square once was with colorful neon signs; and “Data.tron” by electronic music composer Ryoji Ikeda, a digital landscape with millions of numbers on the screen changing by the nanosecond.

The atmosphere was so seductive with very little lighting besides the films playing and I loved the way the screens were juxtaposed so that you can see many films going on at the same time.

Ave. Winston Churchill, Metro: Champs Elysees-Clemenceau. Open 5PM till 1AM on Dec. 29 and 30, and till 9PM on Dec. 31.


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